His whisper comes in the stillness of the night,
on gentle breezes, yet gone by morning’s light.
Words of seduction he whispers in my ear,
his voice soft and low, but his needs made clear.

Hanging on his every word, I place them in my heart,
as I wait for sleep to come and dreams to start.
Come to me my lover, in the haven of my room,
for a night of new beginnings, sweet love to bloom.

We’ll immerse in flesh to heart pleasure till the rising of the sun,
till our bodies are well spent from the loving we have done.
Until then, I’ll be waiting for your whispers to begin,
for your voice soft and low…to come take me once again.

5 responses

  1. Again, taken to new places by your pen that requires no window seat to see exquisite worlds from unknown heavens… I am catching up on my reading, and what a perfect place to start…

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