Release Me

Release Me

So long, in this space…encased within a veil of silence,
serving a sentence in anonymity… just a singer without song,
a poet who cannot summon the words for prayer.
Still, this sense of awareness does little to alter reality
and this cerebral itch…touching and feeling fails
to hush the chatter of my imagination.
Hypnotic thoughts and these visions of you
cries out for liberation…I am eager to bask
in your shine, that I may illuminate my dark,
I am eager to recapture the notes of our beginning.
Countless times I have sought to release this
awakened ache within nostalgic memories.
A surreal symphony now undresses my dreams,
seeping past the cracks in my staggered heart.
I wonder if its late or is it early…time holds no claim on me.
My psyche howls…my restraint shivers with sweat.
I have become undone in this palpable atmosphere.
Now come…remove this veil and finish me.

Photography by Luca Pierro

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