I was of a certain age…heart in need of a certain thing
when he came to me, from a space that lies between.
He arrived on a half-moon night…on a howling wind,
no east or west in his direction…
no north or south that the naked eye could see.
The heavens unfastened the stars to reign upon
the darkness… now filled with anticipation.
My pulse became eager…rhythmic like music…
sending pleasuring surges of in and out caresses beyond
the host of my panties…erupting inside the fever of my core.
He spoke words that sat with my soul, words of love
and loving…as the wild wind played across my chest.
His hands fed my lips…as his hands freed my passion.
And this is true…my mind trembled…my heart sang,
recalling…how our souls made love so long ago.
Tonight our paths aligned…and nothing but the lure
of our breath to breath passing between us.
Here on a sultry night with no spells…no dark incantations…
in this place without spaces, I became as my beloved…
intoxicated with new life…drunk on the pure essence of love

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