On The Shores of Love

On The Shores of Love

In this timeless space …my heart and soul
is filled with the warmth and light of passion…
leaving behind darkness and blindness…
to dance within a pure and unimaginable beauty.
My skies became lit with the magnificence of love
and all I’d thought lost…emerged before my eyes.
And in the dawn of my awareness, love touched me and said,
“I have been waiting for you…come inhale my fragrance.”
Here on my beloved’s shore, storms cannot follow me nor exist.
Here every inhale…exhale is a faithful new awakening….
and everywhere that I walk or touch…is where love and I meet.
Here I’m but a precious tear in love’s eyes….yet treasured.
Every second…timeless in my drunken haze…
my sight unfolds in gentle clarity as my heart renews…
no longer grieving those who took pieces of my heart away.
And love says…”Hear my words and know this is true,
your smile intoxicates me…I am yours…I am here.”

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    • I’m doing well…loving life and trying to see the good in things. I’m so sorry about your having a rough time of it…i pray that things are improving for you!

      • thx… good to know you’re well
        in holding pattern, atm… at least not getting worse
        pricy new home but super clean, if much smaller
        dog adjusted well
        many critical places in walking distance… like grub, bank, p.o., etc

  1. …dear heart, your fab fingers maintain the brain beads of joy and sorrow of old, even post the years since last I gleaned their glory – Namaste!

    • Thank you John. I have been away from writing and wordpress for what seems like a lifetime! Looking forward to reconnecting with everyone again!

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