Night Shades

Night Shades

Come to me in the silence of the night,
before the hall clock chimes.. time’s passing.
Let your footsteps fall like an urgent pulse,
vying for life, where the soul is understood.
‘Neath the knotty arms of the old Oak tree,
I will wait for you in the arms of darkness.
Come to me filed with the need of wanting…
gather me in the warmth of your embrace
freeing the words that lay restless on my tongue;
your mouth on my mouth is the soul of me.
Time is short…so let us part sweetly before the dawn,
for tomorrow’s light is not ours to share.
Oft in the distance, a mockingbird cries
one last time; one last time before it dies.

3 responses

  1. I know this churning inside…
    I know how the past echoes into the heart as if it were today…
    I know the delicacy and fragility of the bite…
    I can hear the sound of the swallow…
    and how my breath that used to be taken
    persists for far too long…

    See, You are absolutely inspirational!
    This poem belongs to you… You have given me soooo many!

    • Thank you from the depths of my soul Ken. I always run the risk of boring people because I pour things that i feel…(those things I have difficulty adding voice to) into my writings. So I am greatly humble and appreciative when my words can be felt and related to by another. Wishing you a blessed Sunday!

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