Southern Nights

Southern Nights

In the still of the night, beneath a blue moon’s rising,
shadows scattered from east to west,
and the southern wind quickly stepped aside
as the heat of my lover’s breath…gathers
around the mocking limits of my flesh.
He seeped between the stitch of my seams.
to peel away the fabric of my disguise…
freeing my mind…laying with my heart
to un-chain the shackles from my soul.

Eager to consume his love,
I savored the fever in his kiss,
as I recalled the sinful aroma of his passion;
some memories never fade away.
He stormed my dreams to reign over them…
aroused me with his lingering caresses.
His eyes forever watching me from within…
unencumbered by sedated memories,
misplaced walls and trails of tears.

He baptized me with words…
parted the waters to plunder my sea…
doused me with his warmth throughout my bones…
giving me something to fight for again today.
Now here I sit drenched in desire…
alas, too far to embrace the ache of my imagination.
Southern nights are hot and wicked.
Love is Fierce~

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