Before Morning Comes

Before Morning Comes

Tonight… dressed in Eve’s translucent gown,
heart woven in intricate strands and delicate seam,
Innocence lies at my back…still swirling in my vigor…
and night…with it’s tranquil lullabies …
cannot hush my salacious thoughts …
nor ease the want in my restless flesh.
The illuminable rites began at dawn…
bewitched…possessed in the dance…
I ignited new flames…as the cautious sun peeks…
unveiling to reveal the unforgettable.
My will is detained in this moment,
disciplining the eagerness in my hunger,
here amid the misty fragrance of your essence…
and the lure of your taunting silhouette.
If I said; “Your love’s my only company,”
would you turn and see my soul…
for without your eyes reflecting me…
I’m just pretending to be…begging to be loved.
Soft fingers of the morning breeze soon will be stirring…
come let us greet it with our thunder.
I will close my eyes…hold my breath
to fall as rain upon your famished land.
Say yes to the radiance in my eyes…
bask in the throe of this given moment…
and I’ll seep through you…enthrall your dreams
until you come with me…or take me.

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