In your eyes I am consumed,
in lucid shades of a wrap around rainbow…
whose colors I’ve yet to recognize.
In your arms a spell unfolds about me;
and I whisper beneath my breath…
peel away this lace.
I have followed your beloved trail;
come with me, or take me with you.
I have laid in the memorable
of tender moments,
where I danced within your pulse,
seeped through your veins and fell
as tears to kiss the fire in your eyes…
because I love.
We are the déjà vu aromas
from another time in an endless generation
that leaves us drenched in its vigor.
Please cherish the ardor of our romance…
And when distance impedes our endless touch,
I’ll be as a dulcet breeze upon your burning sun,
the rhythmic ink within your pen..
and when your mind yearns to soar…
I’ll be the dream that dreams us real.
In the midst of silver moons
and crimson tides,
I hum with a voice full of hope in forevermore,
for your fingertips on the undress of my skin,
testifies…you are the hope in my destiny.
My love…songs of sirens arouses the breath,
and precious time is wasting away…
so come love me today
and tomorrow we’ll start all over again

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