The Breath That She Keeps

The Breath That She Keeps

Quietly, dawn sneaks in…lifting the sable blinds of night;
revealing the lapis lazuli irises of heavens eyes.
Titillating wisps of honey- suckle breezes slips through
the crack in the window…stirring me from my haunted slumber.
The garden below is wet with the sweet balm of dew,
flowers with rainbow blushes are in bloom…
the dust of yesterday, washed from their vulnerable faces;
my heart once again dons it’s cobwebby gown of envy.
I have lost my wants, my needs like sweat on the sheets.
Yet, something is remembered…of all the things once said,
of all the keepsake memories and intimacies we shared;
many flesh drenched confessions inside this old bed spring.
Beyond the quiet of door, scents of breakfast fills the air;
aromas of fresh morning blend and banana bread.
My anxious breath arouses my pulse….and you,
once again, become the focus of my frozen moment.
You pay no rent here, no closet houses your clothes,
the mail bears my name…there’s no signs that one was ever two.
So tell me, how is it, that you reside in my
grandest of rooms…my mind and heart?


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