In the quiet reverence of this moment,
sadness wears heavy upon my face;
for all that we wanted today,
still dangles on the fringes
of a maybe…some
day dawning.
with each time chained footsteps,
patience wears wistfully on
my smile…yet, the thought
of you tastes luscious
to me; Love
would not
free me
its embrace.
You and I are drawn
like frenzied
bees to honey…
tasting love…
eager to
inhale the euphoria in its
tempestuous… ambrosial breath.
And though this
waiting tears
at my frail seams, its bleeding
is intoxicating, and for love’s
sake, I’ll gladly suffer this
insensitive wound;
yet, forever
I am Beguiled
by unrelenting dreams…
I feel you, hear you; and though
comfort from your touch
eludes desire, I spill
you in the fevered
writings of my pen,
and the words…
are my gift
to you.
There’s a link between you and
I, beyond the hindrance of
time and space; for
fate has written
it in the soul-mate scriptures,
etched it in gold upon
the forevermore of
my soul.
So if our love slips it’s
grasp in this earthly
realm, then
surely in
eternity; I’ll be
waiting to find you
until time itself, no
longer exists; I
am yours and
You … are mine~

Tina Nicole Williams

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