I Am

I Am


I am
the desert without sand,
a snowflake that pirouettes
around the moon; the
resounding thunder
the storm…
releasing rainbows
to mock the sun.
I am
the obsidian glare, born
of earth’s ashen tears,
erupting from another
time and place; an
beauty torn
at the seams,
to live yet
again today.
I am
the taste smeared across your
precocious lips, the ache in your
silent cries, the hand that
clutches the faith
hidden within your
for you to turn
and see me
I am
the seducer of daydreams,
the heat that seizes the flame…
guilty of lust, wet
with anticipation…
eyes that expose
the promises of
heaven’s bliss
am the beloved offspring;
passion’s daughter…blank
pages, age refined for ink…
awaiting inscription
on my silent parts,
scriptures of love
deemed forever
holy to me…
I Am
my own muse*

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