For Love

For Love

For love, have you ever wandered down a road foreign
to your footsteps, dismissing anxieties and fears
without knowing if you will ever return home again?
Have you ever defied a storm as it raged upon your path,
dared the breath of the wind to sway you from its course,
or scoffed at the rain to touch your soul?

For love, have you ever gave another your all,
only to walk away empty, raped of tears,
or lay drowning consumed with pain…
but your heart beat on, because love still lived?
Have you ever danced when you could not walk,
lain beneath the shine of a harvest moon,
bathing in the purity of it’s light,
while listening for your beating heart,
only to hear the cries of the world inside?

And for love, have you ever torn down your walls,
exposing the you that is said to be wonderfully made;
prancing around with all your frailties, weakness and shame?
Have you ever committed yourself to something, someone,
other than yourself, or gave your all for what you believed in?
Could you, would you…for love?

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