When Spirits Play

When Spirits Play

Your soul dances and quivers above me tonight,
like an overjoyed bee, drunk…frenzied and amorous…
coming and staying, staying and coming…
while loosening chaste strings…
revealing all beneath my Shangri-la gown.
Slow we crept between the sheets,
surrendering to soft kisses and erection whispers.
I am beguiled by the cradle of your fire;
the sinful distractor that exudes and pulses
through the silk of my flesh.
Oh how we danced and danced
below limpid pools and tender surges.
We slowed the world…woke the moon;
gracefully traced the hunger of needs.
Tonight I’ve tasted the sweet of your essence,
lay in flames…savoring the trail of dew beneath us;
the moment is painted in the halls of eternity.
In lucid dreams your soul’s an indulgent whisper,
the nurturer of my awe, the spell that unfolds me.
I’d defy all common sense in pursuit you;
for your love’s the breath of my passion.
Come to me, let me wrap you in my screams…
the aftertaste lasts forever.

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