Lost in Love

Lost in Love

Through keyed up days, unspent nights,
I walked unruly ruts in washed out roads…left to right
desirous to encounter a glimpse of loves silhouette.
Yet, I’ve only inhaled its aura among the breeze.

I have traveled rouge paths of cunning despair
beneath the ruptured sky and the sun’s pale halo.
I have fended off loves demise from the dread of doubts,
summoned by the frantic feel of the calescent rain.
Love…I hunger for it more than food;
this breath of life that sustains me…
finds no other source to sate it’s yearning;
left parched…I am thirsty for it’s quench.
I crave to look in love’s eyes…become it’s reflection;
douse my soul within its silken flesh.
I crave love’s mouth, and love drenched kisses;
loves tender voice…pillow talk whispers.
I have felt love near my garden’s gate,
mere shadows length away.
I long to kneel at love’s feet..
tend to it’s wants and draw it to myself.
I have waited a lifetime it seems,
hoping it would enter in.
Life is but a little while,
and love is its greatest treasure.
My heart is full of old battle
scars, and the patches I
used to piece it
together again….I’ve kept,
for it strengthens the love that I offer.
Love, do not turn from me…
for I am lost without your presence…
and this want claims my days and nights.
Come love, peer through the haze and
hidden doors …where my heart lays scattered…

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