A Lover’s Passion

A Lover’s Passion

I awakened, intoxicated with love.
spinning, and whirling
in its light and sultry shadow.
I laid parched and watching
as love’s touch formed me
like putty in ecstasy’s heat.
I am drunk on its scent
in this private vertigo;
once a forgotten melody,
emerged within your precious song.
Wrapped in silk, tied with tremors…
All can see my heart’s pulsing.
In this haze of love’s quivering kiss,
I confess…my heart has been stolen.
In this fog, I have lost my way,
yet, this love enfolds me…
this is home.
I have opened the gate for love,
for I long to wade in its streams of passion.
Beneath the sanctum
of love’s streaming hunger,
his flesh, provokes delicate tears
nestled inside my sin….
tender he whispers,
“forever in you.”
Songbirds serenade the breeze,
and a million smiles erodes the sky,
for love’s pale halo’s perched
high upon these breasts and
I’m enslaved beneath its spell.
I have lost my senses….
beckoning loves flame.
I am drunk on a sip
of a fire yet to come…
You have consumed my fate,
I have stepped out of myself
to drink from your wine
and oh love…
the aftertaste lasts forever.

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