Bemoaning Cadence

Bemoaning Cadence


night I made love to loneliness,

surrendered to its embrace.

Unable to be lulled by my

breathing…heart beating;

caught up in the


of my frailties.

My hand not yours

seeking to release me,

as I lay here in the dark.


summoned your memory,

became a voyeur to scenes

of you

and I against the wall,

yet failing to ease myself;

for you see the heart…


not fool the mind and

the hand could not brace

the ache within my prize…

It’s so cold here without you.

Last night, I laid in pieces,

waiting for the dawn

to come free me.


pardon me of the my sin…

suppress what’s in my heart.

I am enslaved…possessed


what is and what could be.

You tattooed your love on

my heart…left me with

evidence of hunger

on these soiled fingers…

pleading oozing from

my thirsty lips.

This is merely love bites…

I want bare back riding’s…


I’m so close to the

edge…and these

hands keep

reaching in

and out…

drenched with desire.


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