Wrong Turn

Wrong Turn

have ceased staring at the stars… in dreams
and even when awake; long past seeking to
lay my head at loves feet, nor pen words
that will ever flow or endure a simple
song. For the rose within my soul
withered, and thorns became
its master.
Now, I seek Him.
have searched every smile and veritable
tear in unknown faces, lingered to inhale
the fragrant breaths of both young and
old; brushed against hearts fearless
with passion and those turned to
stone..wounded by life
scarred by love.
I heard him clearly in a
child’s laughter; inviting
and engaging …but the
message was not
for me.
have looked within natures
subtle motions, rising
before the sun each
day; still I am
alone and
even His shadow
continues to elude me.
the sweetness of my walk has
dissolved into a drunkards
dance…doddering and
Yesterday, I closed my
eyes and my heart.
Now today,
I stand in reverence
as my funeral passes;
Suddenly he was beside me,
around me…
He was everywhere;
alas in life, I had failed to turn
my head and see him.
Niky’s Ink


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