When Morning Comes… Part Two

When Morning Comes… Part Two

Morning finds me still wrapped

in eve’s translucent gown,

heart woven in love’s

intricate strands

and satisfied


still doused with the

feral scent of his flesh,

still drunk on love…

the hunger in

his breath.


I am lost

amid the aria of

passion’s reverb.


Countless times we made love

through restless days and endless

nights, drenched with the sweat

of eagerness. The dew clung

to skin like sheer lingerie…

urging pursuit of the



His slight of hands, a fix to

the flesh, awakening the

coveted treasure;

mind bent, soul


as the fuse

was lit…

provoking sin.


Morning finds me….

still breathless; lips still

sealed within his kiss,

still addicted, and

detained within

his moaning


still braced within his

smile and misty stare,

still beguiled by

his shine and



where dreams are found,

… that the day stole away.

Time and words dissolve

between these sheets,

consumed by the

flames and

morning smiles,

stolen glances…are

just a wasted



Niky’s Ink-


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