Moments Like This

Moments Like This

As the stars slowly dim, to take their place
beyond the celestial dome, the allure of night
gives way to light and milk colored clouds
And morning steals grace from sleeps convalescent ether,
rousing hearts and minds from escapist dreams,
to don their disguise of a million lies,
re-assembling, to suffer again daily.
And each tick of the clock mimics the hum of my pulse,
as I put head in hands to delay the rush of life’s insanity;
born from jaded eyes of a paralyzed reality.
Frayed heart wrapped in strands of tender,
always one beat away from surrender.
I walk anxiously timid, keeping to this intimate isolation,
for this world is impotent of love; incapable of trust.
But oh when the night comes, and the blind moon rises,
taking its rightful place in the sky,
I lovingly stand within her sliver rain,
drunk on the infinite lucidity of her reign.
For inside darkness, songbirds fail to serenade me
and my consciousness gives way to blurry visions,
staining these eyes with the presence of you.
Here in this sensory state of existence
beneath the ruptured sky,
my heart is cradled in this space and place
where I last heard your whisper;
and its moments like this, I’ve come to cherish…

Niky’s Ink

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    • I am beyond sorry for this extremely late I do appreciate your comment and your taking the time to read and reply!

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