If I was a Bird

If I was a Bird

If I was a bird,
I’d spread wings like the majestic eagle
to soar high in the sky, where no earth
bound being can creep upon the quietus
of my spirit.
fly through the
comforting caress of
fingertip laced clouds,
praying for the soft
fall of a summer’s rain,
to wash away any
traces of my
tip toe past the eyes of dawn
and bask beneath twilight’s fade,
reminiscing on me, myself and
I when we once dreamed, had
faith, and believed.
run to the edge of
eternity just to die inside,
be reborn again
within the arms of a
curvaceous moon.
renew myself in the awe-ness
of life… etching soul starved
Scriptures… heralding my
return; but for now, I will
be content to just be.


©2009 Tnicole Williams

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