Sunken Footprints

Sunken Footprints

Life has entrusted me with tragedies;

fractured images in my mind

laying heavy on my spirit.

The verve within my soul is no longer present.

It wanders without love or joy; etching crystal lines

across my heart, stealing ether from my pulse.

Bring back the love that I have lost,

lure him here with my cries; for these tear stained

blotches of thoughts, leaves me empty inside.

I am left in the aftermath of your passing…

mourning the assassin’s kill;

soul sliced opened, to bleed me blind.

Chained and bound I evade flirtatious eyes,

to inhibit forbidden thoughts;

love fled upon your precious wings,

survived only by silent memories.

I stand alone in the midst of this nightmare,

searching for you amongst a midnight dream.

The shawl of darkness enfolds me, yet the stars elude my eyes,

the moon reigns misery and the night is filled with sounds that

peels the skin from my wounds; no peace to be found.

Silently, I stand waiting for dawn to set me free,

In the midst of the new day’s calm and the sun’s glory;

I saw you in the flight-path of the clouds, arms outstretched,

calling my name through the breeze…”love come to me…

Just mere steps…into the convalescent sea.”

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