Cracks in a Pulse-less Heart

Cracks in a Pulse-less Heart

Here in this wrecked house
passion’s corrupted
and there’s molded love
in the cracks of the threshold…
tragic are the echoes within.

The air is infected with the stench
of rotting hope…rotting dreams…
Scents suffocate and I am apt to scream…
but the silence is just too loud…
time is stressing with its second guessing

Yet, when I close my eyes,
these dire walls are dressed in lights,
teasing with glimpses of familiar eyes…
recalling love… that held no reflection in the mirror.

I once dared to walk in love’s parallel world
and the ache in each step…tore my heart…
There were times…I would have laid with death
as it’s shameful concubine.
Now I live each day…going in circles…
wearing this mask of nonsense…
only he and I know the truth.
Beneath is broken…
waiting to be eulogized

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