Ruled by Love

Loves’ exposed my vulnerabilities, praised me, as it dressed me in poetry. Exchanged emptiness for a beautiful existence; eyes and mind cracked open my true existence. Loves’ unchained restraints, freeing my voice that was stuck on mute; no longer chaste or polite, quick to shout and sing. Loves’ released echoes from the confines of [...]

A Small Lament

 Please... do not look away, I am more than what you see. I speak no claims or expectations I am more than innocence fleeing...more than  flesh and blood, but soul as well. ~ I am one of life's precious reminders, its fruit on the fringe of fullness...even though my skin is dry and dirty beneath [...]

Remember Me

Remember me when distance impedes our touch. Lose yourself in the sweet of memories lullaby, while the comfort of my love... administers to your pain For I am etched upon your lamenting heart... keeping silent company within your soul ~ Dread not when twilight fades to black, spreading helter-skelter shadows on vacant walls. For each night... [...]

The Storm

It started as a restless breeze  gaining momentum along its path;  awakening the memories of my yesterday, raining down on the sins of my past.   It broke through with a thunderous invocation, inciting waves of fear and reverent pleas, as I knelt to keep from falling, crying, “ father, have mercy on me.”   [...]

Promise Yourself

"To be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind. To talk health, happiness, and prosperity to every person you meet. To make all your friends feel that there is something in them To look at the sunny side of everything and make your optimism come true. To think only the best, to [...]


  Come, love, we must journey home... bid farewell to yesterday's dead sun. For storm clouds have gathered to slice the moon; we must go before these arid sands of misfit time ceases to flow. ~ I cannot add another hour love… for seconds break not only the day, but steals the ease from my spirit. [...]

Two Loving One

Do not grow weary, come with wide-eyed innocence as a child…comforted and held dear. Loosen the chains and ties binding your heart; dare to embrace even the jagged edges of beauty; for seeds birthed from love and trust, are now blooming. ~ Be still within the noise and misfit moments, archive your memories, shed the [...]

Silently Musing

Breathe lightly; listen from left to right, armed with discernment Become as one, from front to back Free your loving and your heart to rest in the midst of the present Pray that the moon and sun ascends and descends each day with gratitude and reverence; for we own no second of its glory.  ~ [...]