Silently Musing

Breathe lightly; listen from left to right,
armed with discernment
Become as one, from front to back
Free your loving and your heart
to rest in the midst of the present
Pray that the moon and sun ascends
and descends each day with gratitude
and reverence; for we own no second of its glory.
Learn to dance in the shoes of another,
sing from your soul without beats or lyrics…
let the words flow like flutes and bells
that trembles the leaves
Befriend the mirror… for sight
is distorted by the eyes alone…
such a beautiful companion
to hear what one feels.

Become foolishly in love
without course or expectations
Shout it into the wind
then give it voice within the depths a poem.
Empty yourself inside until
there’s nothing left but peace…
the serenity of silence and God.

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