Journey of a Silent Heart

have walked through nights
filled with wildness; traveled
washed out roads, from
left to right…in the
search of love…
left only
to inhale its fragrance.
I desire this more than food
I am thirsty…the well of
my heart and soul
has no water…
all that’s
are my dreams
and still… 
I wait.
have felt him near my garden’s gate;
shy….mere shadows length away.
Let me see you, or let me hear
your voice! For I long to
kneel at your feet,
tend your wants
and draw
you to
have waited for 
a lifetime it seems,
hoping you’d enter in.
Life is only but a little while,
and love is its greatest treasure.
My heart is full of old battle
scars, and the patches I
used to piece it
together again,
I’ve kept…
for it
strengthens the love
that I offer. Do not
turn from me,
for I am lost
outside of
and seconds without
being loved wounds
me…yet, I am silent,
wishing you’d 
just turn 
see me.

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